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Teambuilding Events

We can always offer you something special, which will surely fit your teambuilding spirit.

 Team is a united organism merging different individualities. You are able to do many things, together you can do everything! An effective approach to organizing

Teambuilding Events (teambuilding) assists in creating the team spirit and solidarity. Training via an adventure is what will make your Company staff interested, motivated and will enhance efficiency of collaboration.We offer a combination of a material base of our complex and a multi-year practice of conducting corporate teambuilding events.

Location of the Complex ideally fits for conducting events of such scale. A vast environmentally clean area located one minute of car drive from the Al-Farabi Avenue, the clearest mountain air, availability of all possible infrastructures, sports facilities for inter-department competitions as well as a restaurant catering your Team will greatly contribute to the Teambuilding process.

Orders for the teambuilding events are accepted on the following telephone numbers:

Tel: +7 (727) 339 84 50

WhatsApp: +7 (707) 123 10 81


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