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The world of fitness and sport is a unity of the body, the mind and the soul.

A Gym is a synergy of beauty and the power.

If you want to be beautiful- just be beautiful!

The Gym of the Baganashyl SRC totally outfitted with the cutting -edge sport facilities and inventory is your first helper in achieving your goals. The second aid is a hot steam of the sauna altered with a contrast pool swimming providing for a maximum relaxation and pleasant feeling in all groups of muscles after the hard training.

The Baganashyl SRC offers two types of visiting the Gym:

  • One-time pre-booked visit;
  • Visits according to the monthly Gym membership Ticket.

You can book the time for visiting the Gym or to inquire for additional information at the following telephone numbers:
Call center: +7 (727) 339 84 50
WhatsApp: +7 (707) 123 10 81

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